Do Rvs have bathrooms?

Purchasing a Recreational Vehicle is like purchasing a second home — a home that offers portability and lots of other things. If you think about it, the idea of purchasing an RV becomes more worthwhile, you know. You are home after a tiring weekend and you want to enjoy those two days with the whole family, but at some other place. At this point, an RV becomes the perfect companion.

Despite all these knowledge, some people seem to be quite confused or double-minded about the concept of using RVs. Most of them ask this question to the experts — do RVs have bathrooms? We can’t blame them, you know. You are going to spend a few or more days in a vehicle and personal hygiene isn’t something you can compromise. The vehicle might have a lot of features like Air Conditioning, but nothing would beat a shower, especially if you’re going to a tropical area.

In this article, we will be answering almost all the questions you have regarding RVs and bathrooms. We will start with the basic question whether there are enough bathroom-related facilities in the vehicle and move onto aspects like how it works and what you should care about while using those features. If you have more questions than the ones we’ve answered, free feel to use the Comments section.

Quick Answer — Do RVs Have Bathrooms?

Most RVs have bathrooms built into them. It’s because the concept of Recreational Vehicle requires certain facilities to be present in the automobile. However, the type of bathroom you have depends on the type of RV that you own. In case you don’t know, a wide variety of RVs are available in the marketing, offering many forms of luxury. Depending on the budget you have, you can go for an ultra-luxurious RV or rather a simple and minimalistic trailer. However, most of the RVs we’ve come across have a bathroom, however small and minimal it may be.

So, the answer is YES. You will have a bathroom — and a toilet — attached to the vehicle. So, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re on a 3-day trip or a 1-month trip. The RV is going to offer you a wonderful experience throughout. That’s a relief, right? You would not have to worry about stopping elsewhere or should be really concerned about where you’re parking. The vehicle always has the right amount of space for taking care of your personal hygiene. And, as we said earlier, you can always enjoy that wonderful shower too. Now that you have the basic ideas clear, we will answer some related questions.

How Do RV Bathrooms Work?

This is another common question we have come across. Of course, when you are concerned about your own health, you would want to know how this hygiene method works, right? Let’s have a look.

  • The Bathroom Interior

This essentially depends upon the type of RV you have purchased. High-end, luxury vehicles have perhaps a wonderful interior for their bathrooms and shower. There will be all the accessories apart from the shower and you will have enough space too. On the other hand, if you’re getting a lower-cost RV, the features aren’t going to be grand. In addition to that, luxury RVs may also offer better privacy features for the bathroom.

  • Water

Once again, this can be decided with respect to the type of vehicle you have. However, most likely, your RV will have separate water tanks for separate purposes. If that’s the case, water for kitchen purposes would be taken from one tank, while the water for bathroom/toilet are taken from another one. The owner would have to refill the tank if it’s near empty.

  • Drainage

The drainage system of an RV bathroom is a bit different from the home-based system. The owner is required to maintain the tank and empty the drainage tanks on a regular basis. So, once you have showered, waste-water would be gone to what is called the Gray Water Holding Tank. This tank consists of the wastewater that is collected from the bathroom.

By the way, it should be noted that the waste from the toilet is drained to another tank, for obvious reasons. Of course, this one should be removed on a more frequent basis so that the odor doesn’t remain. As we did say earlier, emptying the water-holding tanks and re-filling the water-taking tanks is the duty of the owner.

Cleaning the RV Bathroom

There are a few things you should follow if you want to keep the RV bathroom clean and ready for the next proper use. First of all, you have to consider doing this simple task: flush the toilet properly after each use. It will make sure that the bathroom and toilet waste would reach the proper tanks without clogging anything. You should also use specialized toilet paper that would dissolve quickly than the normal ones.

Then, there is the task of emptying the tank and cleaning the bathroom. As you know, you cannot simply go and empty the tank. A sewer connection is required and it should be done with proper care. Suppose your RV has dedicated tanks for toilet waste and bathroom waste. Make sure that you turn the toilet-waste valves open and the bathroom-waste valves second.

It will make sure that remaining waste from the toilet-waste draining process would be cleaned off by the relatively clean water from the bathroom. You should also be conscious to use the proper sewer horses so that nothing goes as waste. It’s also about keeping your neighborhood safe and secure, you know. So, the next time you are planning a trip on the RV, you should try to find the RV dump stations on the way back J

The Bottom Line

We believe we have answered two of the most intriguing questions you had regarding RV bathrooms and a practical usage guide. We have also added some tips to make sure that you use and maintain the RV toilets and bathrooms in the right way. We will say one thing with surety. If you don’t pay attention to how much you are using these services and clean them accordingly, you may end up in trouble. By the way, the next time when someone asks do RVs have bathrooms, don’t forget to share this with them.

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