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An Insurance fixed RVs for Sale

Every year thousands of one of America’s favorite Motorhomes and Campers(RVs) are damaged in accidents. Some are too damaged to repair and are used for parts but many of these are repairable RVs and the insurance companies will sell these cars to auto and RVs dealers for a very cheap price. Many of these cars are theft recoveries that the owner was already paid off and then the RVs or Campers was recovered. There are many reasons why the insurance companies total RVs and Trailers. Our company specializes in the sale and search of Motor Homes, RVs, and Campers, motorhomes that have a limited amount of damage. We work with some of the largest insurance salvage liquidation RVs companies in the country to bring the general public the opportunity to buy these RVs and Campers and motorhomes for the same prices that the dealers pay. We also sell finance Repo units.

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Fact about Vehicles In the USA

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A Salvage RV Sold In the

Take a look at the link above with our inventory, we have lots across the US so we have RVs, Campers, motorhomes inventory near you! There are over 3.5 million vehicles deemed total-losses each year in the United States.

Where do we get our RVs?

We broker & Find items on behalf of several industries:

  • Insurance companies & RVs Can Be insured from Insurance Companies after Purchase
  • Bank Salvage RVs
  • Finance companies Owned RVs
  • Fleet operators RVs
  • Salvage Dealers who deal in RVs
  • Car Salvage dealerships
  • People who sell direct and through Craigslist.

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2010 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 35 QBA (Boca Raton) $58900Also, buying a Salvage RV instead of a brand-new RV is an effective way to save some money! If you know how to choose one of the best vehicles from the auction place, you can have a superb motorhome or a camper even without spending the half. That having said since you are saving hell lot of money, you should be a bit more careful when buying an RV. And, a thorough inspection is a way to get started.

Check for Damages — Water Fire and More The thing about salvage RVs is that they could have got the title for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s theft and sometimes, it’s some serious damages. For instance, you will be able to see water-damaged and burned RVs at these auctions. You should probably stay away from them unless the damage is repairable. To take an example, some water damages can mess up the mechanical and electronic modules of the RV, which isn’t a good thing. Most RV Damages Are Repairable On the other hand, there are some salvaged RVs that can be repaired at a minimal cost too. This is why you should thoroughly inspect a salvage/damaged RV before you proceed. First and foremost, you should have a look at the Chassis, which is the core part of the vehicle. If the chassis isn’t damaged, there’s not much to be worried about.

  Salvage Repairable RV For Cheap (might be sold already)

You should also compare two things when you’re planning to get a salvage RV — the cost of repair and cost of getting a brand-new RV from the same manufacturer. If you can spot a few thousand dollars’ difference between both, you have all the more reasons to go for a repairable salvage Recreational Vehicle. But, finding the right RV from the right source is of even more importance, indeed. And, apart from getting the company of a salvage or damaged RV expert, you can also try to learn a bit more about these vehicles and titles before you go to the auction or buy from anywhere. Here at Damagedrv.com, we search the best deals for you from all over the web. Our goal is you get you a good RV and motorhomes and save you money. Read our Salvage RVs, Motorhomes and Campers Blog here


This statistic shows the number of wholesale shipments of recreational vehicles in the United States from 2000 to 2017. The number of RV shipments rose from 430.69 thousand in 2016 to 504.6 thousand in 2017 .

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