How to Buy Foreclosed RVs?

How to Purchase Foreclosed RVs?

Foreclosed or repossessed RVs are quality recreational vehicles which have been taken and repossessed by a creditor, mostly banks when the owner of the vehicle fails to make the agreed payments on time. The lender or bank later sells off the auto in an auction. This is often at the current state where the vehicle is in and normally at a low price so that the lender can recover losses. Here you are going to learn the different ways how you can search, inspect, and if impressed bid on your favorite foreclosed RVs from auctioneer at a good value without being disappointed or surprised with your desired vehicle.

Searching and Finding Foreclosed RVs

Have a look at the Bank’s repossession list.

You can inquire from your bank or your credit union whether they allow can allow you to access their list of repossession vehicles. If they agree, go through this list carefully to view and place bids on the vehicles which the lender has recently repossessed, and they are eligible for sale which might include RVs. You should note that there are benefits of using this method as it can allow you to finance the RV vehicle through your bank directly, and in most cases, it will be with low or no interest rates.

However, on the downside, is that lenders normally do not spend a lot of money to fix up and clean repossessed autos before selling to potential buyers. If you have an interest in buying a repossessed RV directly from a lender or bank, ask before buying how the RV was repossessed. In most cases, An RV that was turned involuntarily is normally in much good shape than the one that the lender had to seize from an incorporating owner.

Always buy your RVs from a repossession reseller You should check out auctions that are held by accredited resellers of quality repossessed RVs. This is the most popular and convenient way to purchase them. Go through the resellers’ websites and their local adverts to view and if impressed bid on their available options or generally find out the place or location where an in-person auction is taking place. It is critical to note that the main advantage of purchasing from an accredited reseller at a public auction is that the RVs are fixed up well. They are more interested as in most cases with moving up a high volume of inventory compared to their starting price.

You need to be aware of resellers that charge a “viewing cost” and other unnecessary upfront fees or charges. You should note that it might be hard to find good and quality RVs in big inventories with vehicles with different conditions. I advise you to stay away if possible from any inventory that does not have a title with them readily, or the sellers are claiming the title is “in transit.” This might, in the end, make it very hard for you to eventually claim ownership without a title one.

Try buying your preferred Foreclosed RVs from a dealer

Another method you should try is to get a used RV from a dealer and check out the repossessed RVs they have purchased from auctions, and they have them fixed up. It is imperative to note this method does not offer much savings on the RVs like others do, however buying an RVs from a dealer removes the bidding process which gives you more options to choose from for warranties and financing.

You really need to consider the benefits of purchasing RVs from a trusted dealer. In most cases, dealers buy these RVs at public auction, and they later do a good job of cleaning the vehicles up. They also replace some worn out items, and even they even do minor repairs. This makes the RVs be in good shape when sold.

However, you should know that the disadvantage is that dealers will adjust price upwards on the RVs which they have fixed up. You need to spot a problem and be a savvy negotiator so that you do not end up paying the same amount like purchasing any other second-hand RV.

Inspecting and Researching an RV before purchasing

Before making a decision to purchase your RV, it is imperative to check out what other auctions and resellers have on their websites to compare prices, particularly for RVs that have a similar make, model or comparable condition to what you are looking for. You should be prepared to clearly negotiate on the starting bids and asking prices which you deem higher than others RVs in the market.

You can also consult the NADA vehicle Guide for the desired RV model you are interested in buying to get the best value for the particular model and make. You should make sure the seller is not asking for a rate that is higher than the vehicle true value. This way you will be prepared to bid on the current market value.

Research well the used RV

Determine whatever necessary information you need about the Foreclosed RVs you are interested in buying from a reseller, lender or dealer. Go ahead and do additional research to determine if you are getting a good value and a fair price by considering the quality and risk of the RVs. Always go for sellers that provide you with photos, VIN numbers, vehicle histories, and certified titles. If there are certain repairs that will be needed on the RV, get a genuine quote from a trusted repair shop to determine the estimated amount you will incur to fix the vehicle, and put that into your considerations and budget.

Thoroughly Inspect the RV before making a decision

You should allocate enough time to inspect your desired RV so that you can be able to spot any damage. You can schedule an appointment in advance or view the unit along with public before the auction starts. You can even conduct a test drive a motorhome and try truck camper. It is important to come with an experienced mechanic, or you get an RV expert to help you with inspection if possible.


You should utilize your knowledge that you have from given vehicle information, your research and inspection to determine your bid so that you do not go oven when committing your bid. Then you can place a bid or multiple bids that will not go over the amount you have determined to use on your desired RVs. When your bid beats other bidders, go ahead to make payment and get all the legal documents associated with the vehicle. Finally, after getting your vehicle, you can re-title it with your name, have it registered and insured. You can also make other replacement and repairs to make sure Foreclosed RVs street Legal.

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