Top 20 RV Festivals and Rallies

Purchasing an RV opens up a wider, brand-new vista of adventures ahead. You will always find something to do, enjoy and live your life. One of the best things on the list would be RV Festivals Camping and Rallies. These festivals and rallies attract participants from different parts of the country and the world. But, it truly matters which RV festivals that you’re going to. In order to help you select, we have created a list of the top 20 RV Festivals and Rallies across the globe. We’ll leave the links to everything so that you can know better.

#1 Briggs Farm Blues Festival

This RV festivals has been happening since 1998, drawing a lot of participants from across the globe. Hosted by the Briggs family, at Nescopeck PA, it’s the best place to find Blues music. Set in the Briggs Farm, Briggs Farm Blues Festival is offering one of the best weekends of the year. The camping system is awesome and it will be super-cool when you have an RV. If you love music and journey, this is a must-check-out RV festivals.

#2 Summer Set Music & Camping Festival

It happens on a weekend of August, and Summer Set Music & Camping Festival is one of the best places you should check out for a lot of fun. Set in Somerset, this camping party also offers a cool experience of staying in your RV Festivals while enjoying the music and the camping feel. While ensuring one of the best security layers, it also packs a bunch of activities and exclusive after-parties, if you’re interested.

#3 Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is another RV Camping festival that you should not miss. Happening in Bradley, California in the upcoming May, Lightning in a Bottle would be a place that encourages social cohesion and expression of creativity. Even as an audience, you will love camping at the festival, set near the San Antonio lake. Fest is broken into different sections, each day offering a new experience.

#4 Sasquatch Festival

Another music festival that happens in May, Sasquatch Festival should not be missed by any RV lover. It has a wonderful set of options for camping as well as enjoyment, making it more than a weekend getaway. The place is Quincy Washington and you can choose from many of the available camping options. It might be a bit pricey, but the experience is just wonderful

#5 Electric Forest Festival

Electric Forest Festival offers a unique experience for all RV lovers out there, with its wonderful themes and other elements. It also offers convenient options for camping and parking, which is great. When compared to other RV festivals out there, Electric Forest Festival brings exquisite themes, often inspired by forest and its styles. It’s going to be a wonderful experience for sure.

#6 Joshua Tree Music Festival

Set to take place in the spring, Joshua Tree Music Festival blends the perfect music experience with all those awesomeness of camping. There are also two versions that are happening in June and October if you happen to be interested later this year. This RV festivals actually focuses on the power of freedom and community, in addition to the wonder of musical experiments from across the globe.

#7 Firefly Music Festival

When you love camping and music, you are going to love the Firefly Music Festival, which is to be held in DE. There is a wonderful line-up in 2018, attracting the best music from various places. It doesn’t matter which type of admission you get, Firefly Music Festival is going to be a wonderful experience since it’s set in such an awesome place.

#8 Texas Renaissance Festival

There are a lot of things you can do at Texas Renaissance Festival, along with having a wonderful experience of camping with your RV. Set in Houston, Texas, Texas Renaissance RV Festivals welcomes more than 500,000 guests to the celebration that is spread in a weekend. You can also find the amazing collection from some of the finest merchandise shops at the place.

#9 Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo does not restrict itself to music when it comes to Themes. It calls itself a Music & Arts Festival — which brings participants from across the world. It will be happening in June, at Manchester. It would be an awesome combination of camping and a superb place. Things are going to be an awesome thing when you have an RV since you can live there.

#10 Taste of Country Music Festival

Taste of Country Music Festival offers exactly what you think it offers the name. It also happens to be one of the biggest Country Music festivals of the Northeast. The event is going to happen in June and it’s the right time to purchase the tickets. Apart from the awesome line-up that is present this year, you are going to love the wonderful campgrounds and environments.

#11 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Another awesome place to check out for an awesome RV experience, you can count on Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival when you need a calm camping experience. It features one of the best line-ups you can find in the world, along with some on-site camping options. There is always an option to plan things in a prior mode, thanks to the different packages.

#12 Kerville Folk Festival

If you are looking for an RV event that is long and beautiful, Kerville Folk Festival is one of the best options! Starting at the end of May, this event will last till June. This is the 47th annual event and the showcasing of more than 100 artists is going to be just awesome. Talking of the camping options, the community is going to be just awesome too.

#13 Prodigious Florida Caravan

If you would like to enjoy the real spirit of Florida, you will love this all-inclusive RV rally that is going to take place between March and April. Of course, the rally is quite lengthy and is going to take you through different segments of Florida. The best part about this RV is that the pricing covers almost every need you will have during the rally.

#14 Great American Caravan

If you are planning to go to an RV Festivals rally that is long and covering different regions, you should have a look at Great American Caravan. This is going to be a quite bigger adventure, covering a lot of things in the long run. Once again, this is an all-inclusive RV rally that is kind of worth-paying-for. Of course, you should reserve a noticeable amount of time between May and June.

#15 Tree Town Music Festival

If you are looking forward to enjoy a country music festival during your RV, Tree Town Music Festival is one hell of a destination. There is an extraordinary camping spirit that the event has. It keeps everything kind of minimal and the event is something that almost every RV lover looks forward to. The camp also features an awesome line-up this year too.

#16 LOCKN’

All set to happen in August, LOCKN’ is a multi-faceted RV festivals that you can attend. It features lots of cool, talented musicians from across the globe. It features a wider variety of campsites, and you can choose as per your requirements. RV Camping at LOCKN’ shows some requirements that should be followed. It also is one of the most secure RV festivals out there, in case you’re wondering.

#17 High Sierra Music Festival

High Sierra Music Festival is also happening at Quincy, California. Even if you look at the initial line-up, there is a lot to expect. Apart from the line-up, there is a family-friendly camping environment. Compared to the other festivals, High Sierra Music Festival offers a lot more space for on-site camping. You are going to get an experience like never before.

#18 Stagecoach Festival

With different passes, different experiences and an awesome line-up we have seen, Stagecoach Festival has a lot to offer. You might want to check the festival website before you actually go to the camp. The camping options are also rich; given that you have a lot of freedom for selection. But, just a friendly note, you should take enough time to read up what’s on the festival website.

#19 Catskill Chill Music Festival

Catskill Chill Music Festival is literally one of the most chilling RV festivals in the country. You will surely love the awesome neighbourhood there is, apart from the noticeable line-up. There is also an option to purchase many of the offered merchandise, so that you can be a bit more chill in the place. The best thing about the Catskill Chill Music RV Festivals is that you can decide between cabins and neighbourhoods.

#20 Country Fest

Last in the list, Country Fest is a great RV festivals that you can enjoy in June. Set in Wisconsin, it also has an awesome line-up to keep you on track. There are extensive options for studies, having set the camps to lots of options. You are also going to love the wonderful activities in the Country Fest, which are noted for top-level community involvement

Wrapping Up

You can count on any of the top 20 RV Festivals and Rallies when you need a new experience using your RV. Most of them have music-based themes and performances in the line-up, but we’ve tried to recommend a bunch of the superb festivals that offer top-notch camping options too.

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