What Is A Class B RV ?

What is a Class B RV style?

Even though everything is compact, a Class B type of RV usually has everything one needs for traveling and/or camping including a living area with a dining table that folds up to convert to a sleeping area, a kitchen area, and a shower area that does double-duty as a toilet.

Inside, it is tall enough for a person of average height to stand up. Some have a raised roof that provides more room inside. For those who enjoy tiny spaces, which have everything needed for comfort, this type of recreational vehicle will appeal to them.

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Fuel Efficiency

This campervan size of a motor home has the best fuel economy and requires the least investment to own and operate. A Class A motorhome may be built on a truck chassis. Some larger motorhomes are built on a bus chassis. Because of the weight, motorhomes have much lower gas mileage than a camper van.

Ease of Finding a Camping Space and Parking

When compared to motorhomes, a camper van is easy to park in a campground and will be accepted in almost any RV parks. Storage space can be something as simple as a standard garage if it is big enough and tall enough.

Restrictions on parking motor homes and travel trailers apply in many communities, especially if anyone lives in them full time. Campervans are more convenient than travel trailers when parking on the street or in parking lots because most consider this to be a vehicle that can legally be parked almost anywhere.

Family Friendly

With a camper van, it can substitute for a second family vehicle. They are great for going shopping because they have plenty of room inside to put groceries. Families enjoy taking the kids along because the children can be in the back watching movies or playing on their smartphones, while the parents are driving up front.


The Class B vehicle offerings expanded to include many luxury styles, models, and customizations options. Technological options allow satellite connectivity while on the road. Luxury options include such things as leather seating, surround-sound theater-type entertainment systems with wireless headphones or the option to use speakers. As with all luxury vehicles, they can be equipped with GPS map and guidance systems that are available to receive real-time traffic alerts while driving. Anything that is available for outfitting a luxury SUV usually also works in a camper van.

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A terrific project is to take a previously damaged camper van and bring it back to perfection through a customization effort. The savings when buying a reconditioned RV can be applied to enhance the customization features. The only limit, besides budget, is having a clever imagination.

Similar things that are done on the “Pimp My Ride” television reality show can be done to customize a camper van. Custom paint jobs produce spectacular results. Vehicle wraps can also be applied for a custom look or to advertise a business.

Driving Experience and Handling

The smaller size of a Class B vehicle, when compared to larger-sized motorhomes, makes them a real pleasure to drive. Maneuverability and handling are much easier. Anyone who has ever tried to park a motorhome can vouch for how difficult that process can be.

With a camper van, one just drives up to the camping spot, parks, gets out, and starts to have fun in a hassle-free way. All the other leveling needs, blocking of the tires, hooking up to the utilities, connecting the water hose and the sewer line etc. that motorhomes require are much easier when using a camper van.


For all of these reasons, many are delighted to be the proud owners of a Class B camper van.

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