Why Are Class B RVs So Expensive?

Class B motorhomes are the smallest class of recreational vehicles. They’re often called “camper vans” because they look like slightly bigger van conversions on the outside. The inside is an entirely different story.

Firstly, Class B RVs usually include a kitchen area (sometimes even a full kitchen), a living area, and a bathroom. You can find RVs with comfortable bathrooms, but in most cases, the units are very small, having a sink and a toilet inside the shower.

Class B RVs are popular because they’re compact, meaning you can park and maneuver around without a problem. But are they cheaper than the other classes because they’re smaller? Unfortunately, not.

Why are Class B RVs so expensive? Continue reading to find out!

Reasons Why Class B RVs Are Expensive

Why Class B RVs Are Expensive

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Cost of construction

The construction cost of a Class B recreational vehicle is very high because the manufacturer has to build the entire unit at once.

Conversely, the RVs belonging to the other classes can be constructed part by part. The manufacturer builds the leaving area first and adds it to the chassis. Logically, this is easier to do and, thus, less time-consuming.

On the other hand, the Class B RVs undergo the opposite manufacturing process. Basically, the manufacturer has to convert a van into an RV, as the manufacturing process starts from the chassis. After the chassis is done, the work continues inside the vehicle. This means the manufacturer builds a home inside instead of attaching one to a chassis.

Since the manufacturing process is a lot more complex and lasts longer, the construction cost is higher, which adds much to the final price of the RV.

Limited space

As we said, Class B RVs are compact. However, this also means that mass production amenities don’t fit inside. The vehicle has to include various extras to be functional. Therefore, the manufacturer has to produce specifically-designed units to fit the small area.

To produce smaller amenities, the manufacturer has to make specific orders for the materials or buy already assembled units with the needed dimensions. Of course, customized orders and production cost more, which is another reason why Class B RVs are so expensive.

Higher quality components

Given that Class B RVs are, in fact, vehicles, they have to be manufactured by automotive industry standards. This includes using costlier materials and a more specific testing process, which we’ll discuss below.

Different crash tests

One of the main factors that impact Class B RVs prices is the automotive industry standards the vehicles have to meet. More precisely, the manufacturer has to do more thorough tests on these vehicles than on the motorhomes of other classes, and here’s why:

Since Class B motorhomes are vehicles, they must undergo the same crash tests as the other vehicles. Conversely, the chassis is the only part of Class C motorhomes that undergoes the same crash tests listed in the automotive industry standards. Even though they’re made of high-quality materials, Class C vehicles’ living areas are tested to meet other standards.

As we said above, Class B RVs undergo the same tests as any other vehicle. This means that the entire motorhome is tested. The manufacturer has to ensure that any changes on the frame won’t impact the vehicle’s stability and result in low test scores. Therefore, the manufacturer spends more money to meet industry standards.

Benefits of Investing in a Class B RV

Benefits of Investing in a Class B RVIncreased mobility

The most significant advantage of getting a Class B RV is its compact size. Driving a Class B motorhome is similar to driving a car.

Usually, Class B RVs are about 21 to 24 feet long. This means that finding a parking spot is also easy. You can park the RV in your driveway or almost any parking spot. Moreover, it’s most likely that it will fit in your garage.

Additionally, the small size of the recreational vehicle enables you to drive it even in crowded city centers.

So, why are Class B RVs so expensive? Having increased mobility is the main reason people choose Class B motorhomes. Thus, these vehicles are highly demanded on the market, which also increases the price.

Lower upkeep costs

Although Class B RVs are costlier than Class C RVs generally, they have lower maintenance costs. Since manufacturers use high-quality materials for the interior and exterior of the vehicle, all units usually have a longer lifespan.

Costs for fuel consumption are also lower, as these recreational vehicles are cheap at the pump, at least cheaper than the other RV classes. Moreover, don’t forget that you’ll save money you would normally pay for a storage facility to park your Class C or Class A RV.

Another perk of having an RV that’s practically a vehicle is that you can find engine and chassis service in almost all automotive dealerships. Since there are so many options, the chances of finding cheaper service are bigger. Of course, you have to keep in mind that this isn’t always the case, as the service cost will depend on the vehicle’s problem.

More room than a car

The last but not less important benefit of owning a Class B RV is the space you’ll get. Although smaller than other classes, Class B RVs are comfortable and more spacious than cars.

Even if you don’t go camping with your RV, you can use it for regular transport. Your kids will definitely have more fun.


To conclude – why are Class B RVs so expensive? Several crucial factors impact the Class B RVs’ prices, including the construction costs, materials used, the need for customized amenities, and the need to meet automotive industry standards.

However, even though Class B RVs are costlier than those of the other classes, they come with multiple benefits. They offer more mobility and can fit in a garage. Moreover, they’re easier to park and drive.

Despite their compact size, these RVs are more comfortable and spacious than cars. Besides, they have lower upkeep costs than Class A and Class C RVs.

As you can see, there are multiple things to consider if you’re planning to buy an RV. Class B RVs have more advantages, while a major disadvantage is their higher price. Still, if you opt for the convenience of driving and parking everywhere, this RV class is the right one for you.

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